On Site Services are the services we provide when we are able to come to your space physically. It involves a lot of personal interaction with you, while delivering you the key to the door of your space! They are suitable for you, who want various things combined together in a unique and harmonious way, to create a space full of positive energy. For you who appreciate good taste while being practical at the same time and are consistent in what you want and flexible in how to get it. For you who strive for cost efficient and energy saving solutions and maintenance.

  • Creation of your profile by getting clear on what you want, your taste and needs
  • Set a budget, timetable and deadlines; work around them with no delays or excess
  • Record the area to provide you with the best suitable solution
  • Development of a design concept with eventually two alternatives, which reflect your personality and needs
  • Finalization of design concept with 2D drawings (3D drawings upon request) for you to visualize your space
  • Suggestions and final choices of materials, furnishings, lighting and décor so that you get the most suitable materials/objects for your space and your needs while avoid excess
  • Specification lists for providers and technicians to get the correct quotations and be able to compare
  • Comparison of quotations from providers and technicians and avoid excess costs
  • Coordination of all construction works, so that you don’t have to do anything
  • Timetable and quality control to make sure you get what you are paying for on time
  • Project supervision so that you spend your precious time doing what matters to you instead of running after technicians
  • Our specialties: 1. We find the most cost efficient solution for you without sacrificing the beauty or the ergonomy of the design. 2. We strive for energy saving solutions, so that the maintenance of your space does not cost a fortune.