HappyANTS will energetically work hard with anything you assign them and make it their business to make you happy! Just like ants create their unique nests according to the given circumstances, HappyANTS design spaces and objects uniquely for you, according to your needs, wants and taste.

We make sure to provide you with a space and objects which reflect your personality so that you and others will feel comfortable to use them for a long time.

Nicoletta Zenonos

nikoletta_zenonosThey say that true happiness is a state where reality is better than your dreams. That was exactly how I felt when I woke up in my new bedroom four years ago. Happiness is, perhaps, how blessed I feel  since that day every time I find myself recapturing the moments I lived alone or with my friends in a room I can call mine because it is, indeed, an extension of myself. The creation of a teenage room would have sounded simple to any interior designer. A teenager could not really ask for more than a place to sleep and study. Yet, the mission set for Stavriana seemed impossible. It demanded the transformation of a garage into a modern room where a teenage girl could live, dream, make decisions, cry, smile, laugh, rethink, reproach, revaluate. In other words, it demanded the creation of a room where a teenager could transform into an adult. Stavriana’s dynamic commitment to the task was impressive and our cooperation was successful precisely because she could see what I wanted before I did, and she could visualize the transformation before I even had the time to think about it. In a matter of a week, the cold and dull garage was replaced by a cozy, colorful room that could serve any person’s functional, psychological and aesthetic personal needs. In my case, the room not only served my personal needs, but also kindly embraced my social life. Suddenly, it became a place for gatherings, sleepovers and endless conversations. In fact, when the idea for a movie night comes up, the question is never the place but the time, because ‘Nikoletta’s palace,’ is always there waiting. A simple thank you to Stavriana would never be enough because she did a lot more than transforming a garage into a beautiful room, she transformed a girl into an adult and a dream into a reality.

Papouis Hotels

papouis-hotel_before-after_interior-designSince 2011 we have been working in close collaboration with Interior Architect Stavriana Antoniou, Stavriana has designed a number of our hotels.
In all three cases Stavriana has provided us with solutions of high professional standard, all within a tight budget! From the beginning until the end of our cooperation, Stavriana was there
– to talk us in order to understand what WE wanted
– to develop concepts that would be both contemporary and timeless
– to suggest materials and furnishings that would be suitable and of good quality
– to help us stay within our budget and without excess
– to provide a design, that anyone likes
– to supervise that all construction works go according to plan
– to deliver a product that we are so happy in using, along with our clients What we appreciate most about her work is that she thinks of small details as much as she does of big isses in order to deliver ergonomical, comfortable and beautiful designs! With her fantastic ideas she has literary transformed both our restaurant in Limassol and our hotel in Protaras making them the beautiful spaces they are today, where people love to spend time in and has created an oasis of relaxation for our exterior hotel cafeteria.
We are thankful to her and would recommend her to anyone who whats to have professional space ehich reflects their company’s image!

Best Regards,
Keti Papoui,

Deb’s Diner & Café

Deb’s Diner & CaféStavriana and Leonidas was the team that helped to set up Deb’s Diner & Café with their experience on interior design. They stood by us from day one to set up. They made sure we stayed in the budget rage and whenever there was a problem with builders they knew exactly how to handle things. They are both very talented and very friendly. Giving us the best advice on what was needed for our café. I know for sure that I will again use their professional service for my future projects.

Phedias music atelie

Phedias music atelieI strongly recommend interior designer Stavriana Antoniou for those who are seeking for a creative professional and skilled person to take care of their renovation or new construction. Stavriana is such a very trustful, perfectionist and positive kind of person who can be always by your side with positive energy and valuable advises and she can take care with passion every detail for your office, house, and busyness building.
Finally I would like to say a very big thanks to her for designing my working place (Phedias music atelie) and transform it to such an inspirational and creative place to work and enjoy every single day!


nikosStavriana was asked to help us with the renovation of our apartment in Onslow Square in Central London. What we really liked about her approach was that she listened to what we wanted to do, and actually understood what we were trying to achieve. She then set about guiding our thoughts into the right direction and steering us away from some of the first excesses. The result was a perfect combination of what WE wanted interpreted through the eyes of a real professional. She took care of the detail instructions to the contractors including coming to London and making precise measurements and drawings. She supervised at every stage through to the final finishes and we would have no hesitation in recommending her work to others.