HappyANTS’ success in designing so many different environments has been attributed to our good organization skills and our ability to modify habitats, find resources, and adapt to any circumstances. Like in any ant society, there is division of work according to the role of each ant, good communication and an ability to solve complex problems, at HappyANTS we make it a point to assign work to the appropriate associate.

Just relax and do whatever you like most, while we supervise the right associate to provide you with what you really want and need.

George Pedias


Stavriana is one of the best colleagues that I know of and co-operated with.

Her work is characterised by novelty, versatility, uniqueness, creativity and freshness and functionality. She is not afraid to experiment and recommend new ideas. At the same time, she can work under conditions of tight budgets, depending on the needs of the project and the demands of her clients.

She is also a very strict and highly organised professional, who wants everyone to follow all sorts of deadlines, as she does. She is demanding, and she recognises, likes and appreciates high quality work.

She is capable of coping with complicated and difficult projects, of all kinds, residential and commercial. Also her technical experience in the industry, gives her the advantage in finding immediate solutions on problems that may arise during the construction of a project.

I would recommend Stavriana without any hesitation to anyone who would like to hire an interior architect and designer.

Leonidas Leonidou

leoI have been working with Stavriana for many years, we have worked together on various projects and she is a very professional, hard-working, goal oriented person. Stavriana is very creative and open minded which always shows in the development of her unique ideas with the numerous projects she was accomplished. Stavriana’s vibrant personality makes working with her an enjoyable and exciting experience, she always has a positive attitude and is full of energy. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to work together and hopefully we will have many more collaborations in the future!