Souvlaki Bar Restaurant

The concept for this pioneer restaurant was to successfully combine tradition with contemporary design and has set the example for other similar restaurants to follow. The result is a space with traditional atmosphere created in a unique and contemporary way just like the restaurant serves a traditional product in a unique and contemporary way. Again, a low budget restaurant in minimal lines with “clean” materials in a combination of cold and warm colors. Inspired mostly by it’s name, the bar is the dominant element in the space. You can watch and enjoy how your food is being cooked sited on stools and counters or on conventional chairs and tables. This project was in collaboration with interior designer Leonidas Leonidou.

Materials used: wood/ concrete/ acrylic glass/ glass/ gypsum board/ ceramic tiles/ aluminum/ stainless steel.

logo design sign skewer
backlight bar counter skewers acrylic wood metal nightime
bar counter skewers acrylic wood metal daytime
bar counters stools contrast warm cold colours materials
contrast cool concrete warm wood
design bar counter stools contemporary interior congrete wood
design furniture detail pinewood concrete contrast
Souvlaki Bar interior entrance
traditional furniture warm wood contemporary interior design
contrast contemporary traditional concrete wood
entrance patio design
glass washing basin reflections
looking inside from outside food preparation
patio garden wood plants herbs
peaceful patio garden cypriot plants herbs
staircase square wood metal walllights
lighting fitting retro design metal pipe
herb plant holder metal wire
skewers design background
skewers slogans funny smart appetizing daytime
skewers slogans funny smart appetizing nightime
skewers slogans funny smart appetizing
souvlaki bar restaurant Nicosia Cyprus
restaurant bar counter skewers design acrylic
restaurant bar counter construction details
restaurant bar section
restaurant floorplan furniture layout
restaurant custom made tables constuction drawings